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Salsa Videos

Although personal Salsa tuition is the best way to learn, Salsa videos offer a valuable tool for learning. There are those times when you just can't get to a Salsa lesson, but want to learn something new. Or maybe you've taken a lesson with a teacher and want one of their videos to remind yourself of what you've learned.

Whatever the reason, there are a wide range of videos out there, covering different styles of Salsa (Cuban Salsa, New York Salsa, LA Salsa) and different aspects of Salsa (Salsa Styling, Salsa Footwork, Salsa Body Movement). Some of these are aimed at men, some at women and some at couples. So whatever your requirements, somewhere there's a video for you.

Super Mario - Super Moves 1

Salsa is a universal language.
Why talk when you can dance?

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Susana Montero - Ladies Styling Video 1

All of the questions you have now, I have had not too long ago. Here are some of the answers I have found to those questions. This video is to help show how I created my own style and how I got the confidence to start incorporating it into my dancing. It's not what you do, it's how you do it.

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Mambo City Halloween Weekend 2001

MamboCity's Halloween Weekend presenting SantoRico Dance Co (one of New York's premier dance troupes)

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