Subject: no subject
From: ian (Ian Finch)
Date: 16th Feb 2007, 11:02 am

Hi Manni,

I've had a quick look and you are using two accounts - dj manni and DJ MANNI. The system sees these as two different users, so when you are logged in as dj manni, you can't edit the DJ MANNI events. So, your new night at Jaxx is owned by the account dj manni, but your night at revolution is owned by the account DJ MANNI.

I know it's a bit confusing, and I'm looking to make things run more smoothly in the future, but to solve your immediate problem, just log in as DJ MANNI and you should be able to alter the other events.



-- Enter your message here -- Hi Ian I don't know might have happened, I have two dates for the Sefton park event, the 17 and the 24 feb. It's on the 24. I have been trying to remove the event but will not give me the option. And also trying to edit the thursday nite at the Revolution, to remove Ian Griffiths and the other girls names as teachers to no avail. Pls can you adv waht to do. I have loads of calls about the sefton park event. Desperately want to remove the 17th day asap.

Thanks mani